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King & Associates has three outpatient clinics in the York area. We see patients needing professional treatment for injuries related to work, accidents, hand or sports injuries, and post-surgery. OB-Gyn orthopedic evaluation and treatment are available at all locations.  Pediatric evaluation is available at our Heritage Hills Professional Center.  We provide professional, individualized treatment programs to maximize rehabilitation outcomes in a reasonable time period.  Physical Therapists will evaluate and implement your rehabilitation program. P.T.’s have completed a minimum five year college accredited P.T. program associated with a university medical school. In addition, several weeks of internships in orthopedics, general and rehabilitative settings have been completed, followed by a licensing exam. P.T.A.’s may assist with your treatment program and also are licensed in Pennsylvania.






Family Owned and Managed Private Practice

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      York Offices

East York:

1022 Plymouth Rd   

Phone: (717) 840-4149

South York Office:                  

2350 Freedom Way suite 203   

Phone: (717) 781-2728


          Southern PA Office


Shrewsbury Office:

73 East Forest Ave                        

Phone: (717) 235-8525